Financial Tools

Marketing Planning:

There are opportunities to increase your attendance. We can analyze all perspectives of your marketing efforts and bring focus to concepts and programs that will increase attendance and boost in-park spending.


Ticket Pricing:

Anyone can discount, but it’s not the only strategy! Managing your ticket margin is an important tool affecting your bottom line. Let us share tactics that maximize profits.


Food & Beverage:

Based on guest expectations, F&B can be perceived as a satisfier or a motivator. Tempting food selections, packaging, placement, signage and pricing are a few of the elements we can help you assess to improve business and boost returns.


Merchandising / Games:

Finding a cost effective balance between revenue, inventory and labor costs can be difficult. We have proven tactics that will help you evaluate your operation and make changes that will increase revenue.


Expense Management:

Managing expenses is a daily and sometimes hourly challenge. Deciding which expenses, can positively or negatively impact your brand, guest satisfaction, employee satisfaction and long-term success is very important. Spending more dollars may or may not be the best decision! Let our experience help your results.


Strategic Alliances & Sponsorships:

Frequently overlooked, these partnerships can significantly increase the bottom line. We can share experience and tactics that create a win/win for both you and your strategic partners.