Operational Planning Tools

Every aspect of an operation can enhance or reduce your bottom line. Use our experience to analyze your operations and help you implement solutions that work. 


Customer Satisfaction:

Guest courtesy and satisfaction should be one of your core values that will enhance long-term success. Accurately assessing customer’s perception can be tricky. How is it measured? Is repeat business improving? Are guests communicating a positive message? Are you exceeding guest expectations? We can share strategies to assess and improve those perceptions.



Guest and Employee Safety is not negotiable. An effective Safety Program protects your business, your employees and guests, improves morale and can positively impact your bottom line. The responsibility for safety training, written procedures, inspections, compliance and documentation is critical. Our knowledge and industry expertise will be invaluable in the improvement of both your guest and employee safety programs and will positively affect your park’s brand and reputation.



You need to plan for maintenance, not react to it. Experience based maintenance planning will diminish unexpected expenses and create a safe environment for your guests and employees while stabilizing your budget.


Capacity Management:

Varying levels of attendance can increase or reduce revenue depending on how you manage it. When using data from only the big days and the little days, you are only looking at 20% of the information available to you. Evaluating the entire picture will allow better planning and enhance revenue. We can help you see how to better manage resources day to day saving labor costs.


Ride Operation:

No one likes to stand in line. Efficient operations and staffing will positively affect safety, maintenance, guest satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and repeat business, all influencing revenue and your bottom line.


Live Entertainment / Special Events:

These opportunities may not be suitable for every Park or Attraction. However, if it’s right for your brand and well executed, Entertainment and Events can increase park admissions, event ticket sales, customer satisfaction and repeat business and better distribute guests, all enhancing the bottom line. Let’s decide if it’s the right fit for your business and if you’re already doing it, let’s evaluate and find ways to improve.


Ride Evaluation & Selection:

Smart capital reinvestment and ride purchases are critical to your parks growth and success. Let our experience as both Buyer and Supplier help you evaluate investment strategies and select the appropriate rides from the right vendors for the correct demographic.